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Master datan hallinta Power Platformilla

Master data management system with Power Platform – where to start? (1/2)

You have decided within your company to move towards more efficient and centralized master data management, and have chosen an agile low-code platform for the solution implementation. Perhaps you have selected the expert team as your partner for implementing the solution. In this article, we will go through the implementation of the solution and its related requirements. Where do we start? What tools or licenses should the customer have? What aspects are handled by Lanttu, and which ones are

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yhtenäinen, ajantasainen ja luotettava MDM

Cleaning up messy data

Many organizations struggle with messy and scattered data, which undermines decision-making and business efficiency. Messy data doesn’t just mean chaos in the midst of information; it can cause significant business problems. Businesses have the opportunity to transition from chaos to clarity by combining Master Data Management (MDM) with low-code solutions. This text initiates a discussion on how MDM and low-code tools together provide a solution to the challenges of messy data and create a solid foundation for organizational information management.

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Data management harmony: Who leads the data orchestra in your organization?

The organization’s data is like a finely played symphony, where each note is an important part of the whole. Like a well-coordinated orchestral performance, MDM needs a leader to ensure the harmony of data management. Who serves as the conductor of master data in your organization? In this article, we examine how data ownership and management impact the daily operations of an organization. Ownership of master data often sparks discussion within organizations, but in practice, its clear management requires precisely

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Low-code solutions – what can be achieved with them and where do they fit?

Application development with low-code is simply more efficient for companies – in other words, faster and easier – than traditional application development. Gartner predicts that by 2025, 70% of applications will be developed with low-code. However, manual processes and Excel are still common, even in large companies. Excel is a good servant but a poor master. Fortunately, with low-code, one can quickly escape the Excel jungle. In this article, we’ll go through when and in what situations it’s beneficial to

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Efficiency and competitive advantage in retail with supplier and product information management

Supplier and product information management is an essential part of a smooth retail logistics chain and inventory management. Demanding customers and rapidly changing operating environments force retail companies to take care of their product information. How can retailers provide customers with up-to-date and reliable product information smoothly and efficiently? In this article, we will examine how supplier product information management can bring efficiency and competitive advantage to the retail industry.

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The transfer of “Excel masters” to the Power Platform

Data and its maintenance are crucial in today’s business environment. At its best, data supports and enables various business functions. However, the impacts can be opposite if the data quality is poor, the data maintenance process is lacking, or the tools used for maintenance are inadequate. has recognized the potential of Microsoft’s Power Platform in data management. In this article, we will explore the core components of the Power Platform from a data management perspective.

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Data management in the era of artificial intelligence – from problems to solutions

Data management is a central part of modern business, and its importance is further emphasized with the adoption of artificial intelligence. Companies collect and store vast amounts of data daily, and this data can be invaluable for decision-making, gaining a competitive advantage, and driving innovation. However, many companies face challenges in producing high-quality data and effectively utilizing information. In this article, we present solutions for overcoming these challenges.

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Master data with low-code

The new era of data management is here and now. A comprehensive approach to information management brings clarity when a jungle of systems creates disconnected or duplicate data across the organization. A low-code solution takes you towards centralized and automated data management. No more parallel Excel versions, data errors, or manual updates.

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Musti Group and’s MDM solution awarded as the best Power Platform implementation of the year

Bringing home the win! Musti Group and’s Master Data Management solution was awarded as the best Power Platform implementation at the Microsoft 365 HPR event held on November 22nd. Factors contributing to the victory included the user experience of the implementation, innovative utilization of technology, environmental impact, and overall benefit to the organization. Congratulations to Musti Group and the entire team!

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What is Microsoft Power Platform?

The Power Platform is Microsoft’s cloud-based low-code platform, which provides a fast and cost-effective way to create customized business applications and to digitize and automate repetitive and manual processes. The platform offers versatile tools, including Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Pages, covering data analysis, application development, automation, and virtual chatbots. These tools promote both operational efficiency and strategic innovation.

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