The team at Lanttu

We are

The experts at Lanttu have delivered high-quality business applications, consulting services and solutions for master data management, for over 20 years, serving industries such as retail, financial services, and manufacturing. Our team members are certified Microsoft developers.

The seed of Lanttu was planted in 2021 when our experts participated in the ‘less code’ program. After two years of piloting and delivering customer projects, we are convinced that low-code technology is an integral part of the future business environment. Our customers have been satisfied with our collaboration, innovation, and implementations.

Planting Ideas, Harvesting Solutions


  • High-quality user-centric applications
  • Speed, agility, and flexibility
  • Experienced and committed team
  • Certified Microsoft developers
  • Deep expertise in the Power Platform
  • Individualized and tailored solutions to meet your needs’s Power Platform applications
  • Rapid deployment – fully integrated with Microsoft 365 cloud services
  • Customization – freedom to create data models and logic
  • Usability – modern and visual user interface
  • Security – Microsoft technical security, development, and support
  • Flexible user management – e.g., table-specific permissions’s outsourcing and expert services
  • Efficient and effortless process for data management
  • Service provider accountability

Our values

We provide reliable and responsible solutions to our clients, thinking innovatively and leveraging top-tier technologies.


We are transparent and honest.
We keep promises to our customers, team members, and partners.


We are experts who dare to innovate.
We experiment with new solutions in collaboration with our customers, and say no when a solution option doesn’t work. We learn from successes and failures.


We understand that success in customer deliveries defines our success.
We are flexible, tolerant, and courageous.
Less code, more flexibility

Low-code solutions at the core of our operations

Low-code projects don’t start from scratch with writing all the code from the ground up, allowing more focus on solving business problems. Lanttu’s experts have been involved in developing Power Platform solutions since its inception. We are convinced that low-code technology will be an integral part of the future business environment.

Low-code solutions also offer an easy way to maintain and update applications. Making changes and updates is simple, and deployment is fast.

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