Lanttu's creative toolkit grows and flourishes according to your needs

Lanttu is changing the way companies develop and automate their business processes. Lanttu’s creative toolkit makes application development easier and faster, without major initial investments. At the same time, application maintenance and updates are streamlined and enhanced, saving both time and money.

Grow your success with strong roots using Lanttu’s versatile services. With low-code, AI, and cloud automation, you can achieve more with less.

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Elevate your data to a next level

Data management and business applications on the Microsoft Power Platform

We offer a unique combination of expertise in master and product data management, business processes, and low-code applications. Lanttu’s experts assist and develop applications tailored to your business processes according to your needs.

Applications can be implemented either as a service with a ‘ready-to-use’ approach or within the client’s own environment.

Data Management

  • Reliable, consistent, and up-to-date information across all systems
  • Master data and product information management
  • Data enrichment
  • Data integrity validation
  • Data change management
  • Automation of data transfers

Business applications

  • Low-code applications for business
  • Automated processes
  • Workflows
  • Approval chains
  • Business rules/logic
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Audit trail
  • Data transfers

Expert services

  • Expert services tailored to individual customer needs
  • Data architectures
  • Outsourcing services
  • Data maintenance
  • Data projects
  • Consulting services

AI & automation

With ready-made low-code tools, you can develop AI and automation solutions agilely for enriching product information and meeting the needs of finance and logistics.

According to business needs


Applications for business needs:

  • Data, business rules
  • Key functions, tasks
  • User interfaces, reporting

Customer use cases

Data management

Solutions for experts and teams:

  • Centralized data management, distribution
  • Data quality monitoring, rules
  • Process and workflow management

Customer use cases

Better data with less effort

Use cases for's applications


Improve data quality and stop unnecessary manual work!

Centralize master data and product information management with the Power Platform.

Project and Contract Management

Take your project management to the next level!

Manage your project progress, changes, and documents with the Power Platform application.

Business Process Management

Automate your business processes!

Guide your business processes and tasks with low-code applications.
Implemented applications

Examples of what we could achieve together

In terms of master data management, we have implemented applications for managing product information, supplier information, and store information, among others. These applications have replaced outdated solutions. Our applications feature extensive data management, maintenance processes, workflows, data quality management, automation, integrations, and user-friendly interfaces for end users. These applications are a critical part of our business-supporting architecture.

For business applications, we have implemented, for example:
  • The campaign management application. Previously, the majority of the client’s campaign management was handled in Excel, and there was no centralized campaign registry. The application digitized the entire campaign management process. Process automations are an integral part of this type of application; automation of campaign communication and linkage to basic data can all be found in one place.

  • The project management and time tracking application: Previously, clients, projects, tasks, and time entries were in separate systems. This application centrally manages and tracks the entire service production from one place.

  • The pricing management application: Previously, pricing calculation and pricing management were decentralized across different teams, and prices were manually updated. The application enables a centralized process and automation of calculations, such as price calculations based on defined variables, as well as scheduled updates and exports to various systems.
Panu Hannula
CIO Musti Group
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“ has improved the quality of our data and streamlined our processes. We couldn’t cope without the services of the Lanttu team.”

Our customers range from small to large companies

Every customer is important. Everyone has their own needs and goals.

We serve both small and large companies – individually, efficiently, and innovatively with low code. Lanttu’s solutions are suitable for companies looking to improve their business processes and data quality. With our applications, processes become more efficient and data management improves. At the same time, as automation increases, manual tasks decrease significantly. For example, Musti Group trusts in our expertise and experience.

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